The Nentir Vale

The tracks back to the crossroads from the goblin lair got washed away by a sudden cloudburst. I got turned around and decided to make a fresh start in the morning. While sleeping I was awoken by the sound of someone in trouble. I investigated and found an elf scout being attacked by 4 kobold tunnelers and a kobold quickblade.

It was a difficult fight but we dispatched all of the kobolds.

Experience: 200 xp total; 100 xp each

The elf thanked me for my assistance. Her name is Sareth. She is searching for a sword that was stolen from her mother by a wicked blackguard. Her dying wish was for Sareth to recover the ancestral blade. Sareth learned that the thief died and was interred in a secret tower on the edge of the Witchlight Fens. This tower is rumored to be one of three legendary “ghost towers”. She intends to go there, break in, and take back her mother’s blade. She asked if I would join her and said that she would help complete my quest after we completed her quest. She seems trustworthy and skilled with blades so I decided to join her.

Minor Quest: Recover Sareth’s Sword



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