The Nentir Vale

Goblin Attack!

Attacked by goblins while traveling to Fallcrest with Traevus in his wagon. Traevus was hit with an arrow in his shoulder. The goblins ran away after seeing that they were going to have their hands full in dealing with me. I saw what appeared to be a human rider on a jet-black horse in the distance. He rose his hands in frustration as the goblins fled. He then galloped off toward the Moon Hills to the southwest.

Major Quest: Find the mysterious rider and learn his identity.

Experience: 100 xp for driving off the goblins.

Traevus was not seriously injured, but asks for help in recovering something the goblins stole from the back of his wagon.

Major Quest: Find small wooden box with lock for Traevus.
He asks that you not look inside since the contents are personal.
Reward: 30 gp

I was able to stabilize a dying goblin and convinced him to give some key information with its dying breaths. He said that the goblins serve a human wizard named Malareth, who lives near them in an ancient, buried temple hidden in the caves to the southwest. He said that the rider I saw was Malareth.



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