Tag: dragon


  • The Cloak Wood

    This small forest to the west of [[Fallcrest | Fallcrest]] is infested with several tribes of kobolds -- small, reptilian humanoids that live in mazelike warrens filled with deadly traps.

  • Lake Wintermist

    Perpetually shrouded in icy fog, Lake Wintermist provides ample supplies of fish for the Tigerclaw barbarians of the [[Winterbole Forest | Winterbole Forest]] and a few homesteads along its southern shore. White dragons frequently appear in the …

  • Farallax

    The dragon is arrogant and proud, and it loves treasure. It knows it's the most powerful creature in this dungeon, and it expects to be treated with respect. If it is insulted, it gets angry. If flattered, it responds well. The dragon has no love for …