Tag: kobold


  • A Cry for Help

    The tracks back to the crossroads from the goblin lair got washed away by a sudden cloudburst. I got turned around and decided to make a fresh start in the morning. While sleeping I was awoken by the sound of someone in trouble. I investigated and found …

  • The Cloak Wood

    This small forest to the west of [[Fallcrest | Fallcrest]] is infested with several tribes of kobolds -- small, reptilian humanoids that live in mazelike warrens filled with deadly traps.

  • Cairngorm Peaks

    This small mountain range provides a sheltering barrier between [[The Nentir Vale | the Nentir Vale]] and the savage monsters of [[The Stonemarch | the Stonemarch]]. Kobolds and goblins infest the eastern part of the mountains, enjoying the same …