The Nentir Vale


While traveling back to the goblin lair, we were attacked by two goblins and two gray wolves at a crossroads. The goblins were ahead in a ruined tower and the wolves attacked from nearby rock outcroppings on each side. The wolves would dart in and try to knock one of us down so that the others could gain combat advantage, and then quickly retreat to plan another attack.

The monsters got a few damaging hits and even managed to knock Jamien unconscious before we dispatched them. Jamian regained consiousness and even managed to get up and rejoin the fray. Belkas ended the battle by cleaving the skull of a wolf after having taken a couple of massive hits earlier himself.

Experience: 450 xp total; 112 xp each

Inside the Ghost Tower

Sareth and I used the key to open the door to the Ghost Tower and entered. As we entered, there was a hissing sound accompanied by a rush of black smoke. As the smoke cleared, we saw a skeletal warrior clad in plate armor and wielding a longsword. He said that if we have come to plunder his vaults that we will only find death, and then he disappeared.

We made it past a trap in the second room, and then reached the inner sanctum. As we entered the sanctum, we knew the guardian was expecting us because of the hollow cackling laugh that filled the air.

Five tomb rats quickly attacked us after we entered the hallway. They were merely distractions for soon afterward, the fearsome figure dressed in plate armor we had seen earlier appeared at the other end of the hallway. Pale, blue flames danced along the blade of his longsword. He knew that we had come for the sword, and dared us to try to take it. We were able to get by his defenses early and impart significant damage before he hurt us. After we imparted a particularly damaging blow, the fire burning on the blackguard’s blade exploded and set fire to the horrid, undead creature. The flames scorched its armor and bones, causing it to shriek in pain. Still it fought on. We were eventually able to dispatch the blackguard with some well placed blows and then mopped up the remainder of the rats.

We found 90 gp in a black iron box next to one of the altars. We also found the magic sword that Sareth sought and another magic item.

Experience: 500 xp total; 250 xp each; 375 xp for encounter and 125 xp for minor quest
Treasure: 90 gp; Magic Longsword +1; Level 3 Common magic item
Completed Minor Quest – Recover Sareth’s Sword

The Ghost Tower

After traveling deep into the wilderness, we finally found the white Ghost Tower. The tower is in ruins. It stood taller once and was part of a larger group of buildings. Time and the elements have toppled the tower’s upper floors and reduced the other structures to rubble.

We encountered 2 decrepit skeltons and a grasping zombie outside of the tower. The zombie never could get his hands around me, and Sareth and I quickly turned them back into mangled corpses and piles of bones. We found a key on a thin chain hung around one of the skeleton’s necks.

Experience: 150 xp total; 75 xp each

A Cry for Help

The tracks back to the crossroads from the goblin lair got washed away by a sudden cloudburst. I got turned around and decided to make a fresh start in the morning. While sleeping I was awoken by the sound of someone in trouble. I investigated and found an elf scout being attacked by 4 kobold tunnelers and a kobold quickblade.

It was a difficult fight but we dispatched all of the kobolds.

Experience: 200 xp total; 100 xp each

The elf thanked me for my assistance. Her name is Sareth. She is searching for a sword that was stolen from her mother by a wicked blackguard. Her dying wish was for Sareth to recover the ancestral blade. Sareth learned that the thief died and was interred in a secret tower on the edge of the Witchlight Fens. This tower is rumored to be one of three legendary “ghost towers”. She intends to go there, break in, and take back her mother’s blade. She asked if I would join her and said that she would help complete my quest after we completed her quest. She seems trustworthy and skilled with blades so I decided to join her.

Minor Quest: Recover Sareth’s Sword

Tracking the Goblins

Following the goblin’s directions, I was able to find the goblin lair without alerting them. I was able to defeat the 4 goblin minions.

Experience: 100 xp
Treasure: 10 gp

I will head back to Fallcrest to find a few companions to help complete the quests.

Goblin Attack!

Attacked by goblins while traveling to Fallcrest with Traevus in his wagon. Traevus was hit with an arrow in his shoulder. The goblins ran away after seeing that they were going to have their hands full in dealing with me. I saw what appeared to be a human rider on a jet-black horse in the distance. He rose his hands in frustration as the goblins fled. He then galloped off toward the Moon Hills to the southwest.

Major Quest: Find the mysterious rider and learn his identity.

Experience: 100 xp for driving off the goblins.

Traevus was not seriously injured, but asks for help in recovering something the goblins stole from the back of his wagon.

Major Quest: Find small wooden box with lock for Traevus.
He asks that you not look inside since the contents are personal.
Reward: 30 gp

I was able to stabilize a dying goblin and convinced him to give some key information with its dying breaths. He said that the goblins serve a human wizard named Malareth, who lives near them in an ancient, buried temple hidden in the caves to the southwest. He said that the rider I saw was Malareth.


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